At the end of the motorway A58 turn left at the traffic lights (sign Breskens - Havens) to Veerhavenweg.

Keep to the right, first exit at the roundabout.

Immediately after the railroad crossing turn left.

After half a mile take a sharp turn to the right (sign Centrum - Arsenaal to Prins Hendrikweg.

Cross the bridge (Keersluisbrug) and immediately turn left at the traffic lights (sign Centrum - Arsenaal). 

You are now on Koningsweg (water to the left and an undeveloped site to the right). 

Halfway down the road where it bends to the right at a big building, turn left (sign Damen Amels Exotech) to the road with the red pavement.

Keep going along the water and cross a bridge.

At the end of this road you take a sharp turn to the right.

You are now on Commandoweg.

At the Y-crossing you follow the road that veers to the right to Gravestraat.

You then take the third turn to the right to Hendrikstraat,

the first turn to the left to Nieuwstraat, which you follow until you get to the fourth turn to the right to Provooststraat, go around the corner to the right and you are on Groenewoud.

Drive on until you get to number 48 opposite the little square:

You have reached your destination!

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